Oshan Whale Watch would like to thank all of our customers for touring with us so far this summer. July has been a chaotic month weather-wise, which in-turn has lead to some poor sightings for whale watching. In an ever-changing world, we hope this is a blip, because normally July is pretty darn good for whales. 

In the absence of whales, we also have sighted our normal variety of birds and seals. Sadly, this year the avian flu has wiped out a lot of the majestic Northern Gannets. We are however blessed with an amazing Highland Coastline. Our route takes us along Cape Breton’s most remote, untouched and cherished coast. These shores are special to locals and visitors alike, so much that a dedicated group is trying to develop a long-distance hut-to-hut hiking trail in Northern Cape Breton, Nova Scotia: the Seawall Trail Society.

Started over a decade ago, the Society is focusing on a trail that hugs the North -Western Coast from Red River to Meat Cove. This Highland Coast features variable terrain, and unique, saltwater-related biodiversity. The area is also where the Oshan spends the majority of its time lobster fishing and whale watching.

To find out more about this project, and see some amazing pictures of the coastline please visit the Seawall Trail Webpage at To see what our coastline looks like and why it is so special, please check out the Seawall Trail promotional video below.

Thank You,

Captain Ray Fraser

Chair Seawall Trail Society.