1. How Close do the whales get to the boat?

Sometimes the whales are shy, while other times they like to come quite close to the boat. We like to keep our distance and let the whales come to us. We like to remind people that every tour is different, and we never know for sure how the whales will behave. 

2. What whales do you see the most?

Pilot whales, minke whales, and Atlantic white-sided dolphins are sighted most often.

3. What should we take with us?

It’s always colder on the water, so dress warmer than it is on land. Take some water and snacks if you like. Don’t forget your sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, camera, binoculars, and other sight-seeing gear. 

4. Will I get seasick?

If you get car sick, you will get sea sick. We recommend a gravol before the tour. 

5. What time of day is the best for Whale Watching?

At 10.30 am and 4.30 pm there are less people, but, there are whales around all day, so pick the time which suits your schedule. 

6. Can you see whales in the rain?

Yes. Thick fog, and wind are detrimental to whale watching, but not rain.

7. How long is each tour?

Roughly two and a half hours.

8. Should I book ahead?

The Oshan is quite large and can accommodate a large number of people, but we recommend you book ahead just to be safe.

9. How big is your boat / What kind of boat is it?

The Oshan is a 42 foot (10 metre) Northumberland Straight Style Fishing Boat, and our boat was specifically designed to the waters of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

10. How many passengers can you take at once?

24 passengers.

11. Are there life-jackets on board?

Yes. The Oshan is equipped with enough life jackets on board for over twice our passengers. Plus two life rings, a life raft, and other safety equipment.

12. Do you see the same whales every tour?

The same groups of whales return to our area each year, we recognize them by their scars and markings, but on a daily basis each tour is different. It could be all Pilot Whales one day, followed by all Minke Whales the next.

13. Is the boat wheel-chair accessible?

No, the boat is not wheel-chair accessible. Unfortunately, the floating docks where we dock can get very steep, making it unsafe for wheel-chairs.

14. Is there washroom on board?

No, we don’t. However, there is a small bathroom above the wharf where we doc

15. Do you allow pets on board?

Yes, if no other passengers object, or we can look after your pets onshore.

16. Is there a safe place to park my bike or motorcycle?

Yes, there is ample parking room away from traffic.

17. Is there enough room to park my camper or trailer?

Yes, the parking lot is quite large.

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