Oshan Whale Watch has finished the 2021 whale watching season. We had a great time whale watching and met lots of people who we hope to see again. It was fabulous to see returning customers some who come back every year, and some who came back for the first time in a decade. One wise passenger arrived in September on a calm, sunny day with a winter jacket and said, “I did this tour ten years ago on this same day. It was wonderful, but I was absolutely freezing!”

Throughout the season there were many “let’s shake hands! No wait: we gotta do the elbow.” The happy birthdays, happy anniversaries, and congratulations on your engagements were wonderful as well. People are wonderful. The coastline and whales are great, but meeting new people is one of the best parts about whale watching. 

In July, there weren’t many people around, but there was lots of whales. Once the restrictions lifted August was quite busy for both whales and people. September started out great, but the weather turned bad and for the most of the month we were onshore more than we were out. 

No matter the month, the ocean is a changeable creature and the weather can shut us down without warning. Sometimes we know at 7 in the morning that all tours will be cancelled, but there are times when the wind kicks up and we need to cancel 5 minutes before the tour starts. Likewise, there are moments when the wind falls off and it becomes nice enough to tour.

In recent years, for both fishing and whale touring, the weather has been more changeable than ever. However, even with the fluctuating winds, pilot whale sightings have been increasing year over year. The good, comes with the bad. We do our best to work with the winds and the whales. One great thing about the whales is that the wind might bother them, but they don’t care about the rain.

A Grey Day for a Spyhop © Cheryl Fraser